Fair Lending

Fair Lending/Nondiscrimination Analysis

ProBank Austin will conduct a fair lending/non-discrimination analysis designed to test the adequacy of the Bank’s written policies and procedures established to ensure equal treatment for all credit applicants; furthermore, our professionals will determine whether loan officers adhere to principles of fair lending without consideration of the “prohibited basis.” At the conclusion of the review, ProBank Austin will be positioned to provide management and the Board with an objective assessment of the Bank’s fair lending procedures by comparing application qualifications and outcomes. Before analysis begins, we will conduct a risk assessment designed to help determine the focus and size of analysis to be conducted.

When conducting this risk assessment, our professional will follow guidelines similar to those utilized by the federal regulatory agencies and will consider:

We will then conduct the nondiscrimination analysis, which usually focuses on commercial, consumer, or real estate transactions consummated within the past six months. We will conduct either an underwriting or terms and conditions comparative analysis.

We also will review:

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