In-House Training

Our educational programs and professional instructors are available to come to you. Each year, we work with financial institutions who request educational programs on-site at their institution for their employees. These programs provide all the benefits of our national seminar events, but are delivered with a more customized approach.

What are the benefits of In-House Training?

We can customize presentations to coincide with your business environment, peer group, regulatory compliance issues, and operational or technology requirements. With our In-House Training programs, we work closely with your staff to ensure that areas of greatest concern receive the most emphasis. Whether addressing deficiencies cited in regulatory or internal reviews, or clarifying highly-complex compliance issues that garner the most-asked questions, ProBank Austin delivers training programs that address your organization’s unique needs. In-House Training instructors focus on educating your staff and helping them to fully understand complex content and its application to daily responsibilities. In this setting, we are able to answer more questions, provide real-world scenarios, and align the presentation to your institution’s needs.

Working with you on-site, we reach more people within your organization and your staff will receive the most relevant, high-quality presentations, along with current reference materials and manuals. Consider your organization’s current educational needs and In-House Training may be the best option for your institution. Please let us know if we can develop an In-House Training program that meets your current objectives and provides valued learning opportunities for your staff.

To learn more about our In-House Training Services, contact Tammy Carter, Managing Director, at 800.523.4778-option 5 or by email at

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