ProBank Education Services provides a wide range of bank regulatory compliance seminars throughout the United States – whether In-Person (On-Site) or Remote (Virtual) – choose what is best for you.

In-Person & Remote Seminars

In-Person & Remote Seminars are held on multiple days of the week and cover many of the relevant, yet complex, financial topics essential for doing business today. Led by one of our industry subject matter presenters, our seminars address topics like current bank regulations, operational procedures, marketplace trends, and the latest technologies. ProBank Education Services offers these programs as In-Person Seminars (On-Site) and Remote Seminars (Virtual). (View In-Person & Remote Seminars Schedule)

In-Person Seminars

In-Person Seminars are held on multiple days of the week on-site in various cities throughout the United States (during times of safe gathering and traveling). With In-Person Seminars, our presenter brings the seminar to your area. These are held in a professional meeting space setting at a local area hotel or other meeting venue. With our In-Person Seminars, you are able to come learn and interact with other attendees, have lunch with us, and network with your colleagues and peers. (View In-Person Seminars Schedule)

Remote Seminars

Remote Seminars are held on multiple days of the week and provide the same wide range of regulatory compliance training as our In-Person seminars – only virtually. Led by one of our industry subject-matter presenters, our Remote Seminars allow you to receive the training you still need, safely in the comfort of your home or office. Many of our virtual events include time for audience participation and practice scenarios to help keep our attendees engaged throughout the virtual program. (View Remote Seminars Schedule)

For more information on ProBank Education Services’ Seminars, contact us at or 800-523-4778, Option 1.