Strategic Consulting for Financial Institutions

FORVIS is specialized in strategic consulting for financial institutions. Our professionals are here to help you navigate this dynamic world, step-by-step.

FORVIS knows that consumers change, markets shift, and financial institutions either adjust or lose momentum, which is what makes deciding where, when, and how to take the next step so critical. It’s important to understand the options available and identify the right strategic path for your financial institution.

Our consultants are nationally recognized for their experience and work with financial institutions to help them anticipate and respond to the trends and challenges affecting their business. Our strategic consulting practice offers customized services related to strategic planning, expansion planning, capital stress testing, regulatory consulting, and preparing for examinations.

We have assisted all types of financial institutions in the development of strategic plans. We begin with a review of the client’s situation, then help them develop their goals and objectives, both financial and organizational. Next we help them develop action plans with specific timeframes in which to achieve the established goals. We continue to monitor and follow-up to help them achieve of their objectives.


Our Strategic Consulting services include:

What Our Clients Say

Chad L. Hoffman, President & CEO, Richwood Bank

“FORVIS was a lifesaver in helping us identify and then contract with the right core system for our bank, which helped us save thousands of dollars in fees, as well as protect us in contractual agreements.”

Chad L. Hoffman
President & CEO, Richwood Bank

Bruce Gerlach, President & CEO, Inter-Mountain Bancorp, Inc.

“We have worked with FORVIS for almost 20-years, including acquisitions and other strategic planning, risk management, and technology initiatives. They bring levels of expertise that make them an invaluable partner.”

Bruce Gerlach
President & CEO, Inter-Mountain Bancorp, Inc.

James Brown, President & CEO, Bank of Bennington

“FORVIS Technology Solutions Division is impressive in that they share valuable insights specific to community banking.”

James Brown
President & CEO, Bank of Bennington

Seminar attendee, 6/2017, Asheville, NC

“FORVIS provides the best education and training experience for our staff at a reasonable cost to the institution!”

Seminar attendee

Seminar Attendee, Pittsburgh, PA

“FORVIS continues to be my first choice for outstanding training opportunities. The manual is a valuable resource tool and the one year calling privileges are important for further clarifications.”

Seminar Attendee

Christine G. Law, VP of Compliance/BSA Officer, Telhio Credit Union

“Good news, once again we had no consumer compliance or BSA issue with our last exam. Thanks so much for keeping us on track, answering questions, etc…You are greatly appreciated!”

Christine G. Law
VP of Compliance/BSA Officer, Telhio Credit Union