Commercial Appraisal Review & Process Assessment Services

We offer both Appraisal Review outsourcing and Internal Function Assessment services. Our staff includes consultants well versed in appraisal review, as well as a Certified General Appraiser licensed in Kentucky and several contiguous states.

Commercial Appraisal Review Services

Forvis Mazars can compare Commercial Real Estate Appraisals and evaluations to regulatory compliance guidance using a risk-based approach that focuses on the complexity of the subject collateral.

Reviews are available for:

The scope of work can be customized to reflect a loan’s risk and complexity based upon your institution’s appraisal review policy.

Appraisal Function Assessment

We can assess your policies and procedures for appraisal engagement and appraisal review functions for compliance and efficiency. Our personnel will work with relevant appraisal staff involved in policy development, appraisal procurement, appraisal review, and appraisal use. We will use the results of the interviews to help identify weaknesses or assist you in the development of a more streamlined process or instruct on how to make more efficient use of the work product.