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ProBank Austin serves financial institutions of all sizes by providing an outsourced profitability analysis solution that is analytically accurate, multi-dimensional, insightful and efficient. Working with key internal business process owners, we design, develop, implement and support a fully-reconciling profitability system that provides a single credible viewpoint on customer account level profitability. All aspects of financial institution profitability are integrated so that each view of profitability reconciles directly to both balance sheet and income statement, and each view reconciles fully to every other view.

The multi-dimensional profitability viewpoints include:

  • Customer
  • Household
  • Product
  • Line of Business
  • Branch / Department
  • Officer
  • Treasury Management

Industry-wide best practices are incorporated into every element of the ProBank Austin Profitability System, including funds transfer pricing, cost allocation, and fee income recognition. We provide quarterly executive management reports that include easy-to-read data tables and crisp graphics, which helps senior managers to quickly grasp key aspects of relevant profitability dynamics.

Profitability insights are provided that touch every profit center of the institution, including:

  • Lending
  • Deposit gathering
  • Trust and wealth management (where applicable)
  • Treasury management
  • Marketing

Each of these profitability insights are further divided by line of business for both commercial and retail lines, and for both loans and deposits and other fee-based services. A number of uniquely useful reports and analyses are available covering nearly any conceivable area of profitability interest. The system is supported by an online analysis and reporting tool delivered alongside our commercial loan pricing software, LoanPricingPRO®, that allows each internal system user access to profitability results that align with individualized areas of responsibility.

Our profitability consultants are available to assist with the interpretation of profitability results and defining business strategies to effectively utilize the information for improving institutional performance.

Profitability Improvement Capabilities

  • Identification of Top 100 Most Profitable Customers
  • Define customer profitability profiles for most / least profitable customer types
  • Rank products in terms of Net Interest Margin, Operating Contribution, Net Profit Dollars
  • Return on Average Balances (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE / RAROC)
  • Determine Branch Performance and Profit Contribution to Fixed Overhead
  • Manage Loan Officer Portfolio Profitability and Incentive Compensation
  • Target Marketing of Profitable Products to Low Profit Customers
  • Assess Marketing ROI for Product Sales Campaigns

Financial Management Software

  • LoanPricingPRO®
    • Individualized Loan & Customer Relationship Analysis
    • Loan Officer Portfolio Management
    • Retail Products Rate Sheet Development
  • Deposit Pricing Analysis
  • Simulation of New Product Profitability
  • Simulation of Product Re-design / Pricing Adjustments (Fee or Rate)

The ProBank Austin Profitability System is a powerful tool designed to assist financial institutions with understanding and improving institutional profitability.

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