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Forvis Mazars is an industry-leading provider of continuing education programs for financial professionals. Forvis Mazars has over 40 years experience with providing educational programs designed to keep attendees current on the rules and regulations which govern their institution.

We train more than 10,000 financial industry employees annually through our educational programs via seminar, webinar, and in-house training. We offer training courses specifically designed for Accountants, Branch Managers, BSA Officers, Compliance Officers, Customer Service, Executive Management, Loan Processors, Mortgage Brokers, New Accounts Personnel, Operations Officers, Risk Management, and Directors.

Our professionals possess a variety of banking, legal, regulatory and training backgrounds. They have two common traits: expertise of the regulatory requirements and a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry. This combination yields practical advice and exceptional training our clients can rely on.

Our education programs are led by nationally recognized industry experts who address complex, ever-changing compliance issues that every financial institution faces. Instructors use manuals, visuals,—and most importantly— experience to guide all attendees for real-world understanding and application of each topic.

Program participants earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits and receive regularly updated materials to remain current with the regulatory compliance needs of your organization.

We can provide the expertise you need. Whether seminars, webinars, schools, conferences and conventions, we are available to serve you. We are also available for keynotes, moderating, break-out sessions, and other special training sessions.

For more information or questions on our training services, please contact:

Tammy G. Carter
Managing Director
Forvis Mazars
800/523-4778, Ext. 229

Janita Willingham
Publications and Education Services
Forvis Mazars
800/523-4778, ext. 228


Forvis Mazars Presenters


Anetria Cohen is a Vice President and Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Prior to joining the firm, she served as legal counsel to the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, which regulates depository, non-depository, and securities entities. Her primary responsibility at the Department was the Dodd-Frank Act, whereby she assessed its effect on federal and state law and provided information and training to examiners and staff. In addition to her regulatory experience, Ms. Cohen practiced business, real estate, and banking law. She graduated from The George Washington University Law school in 2004 with honors, and is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Kentucky.


Mark Burnside, CRCM, is a Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Mr. Burnside has more than 26 years of experience in the financial services industry with a focus on regulatory compliance. He has spent over 16 years as a compliance consultant, assisting financial institutions with maintaining and strengthening compliance programs. His expertise encompasses all aspects of regulatory compliance, including Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering, Fair Lending, Lending and Deposit requirements. As a compliance subject matter expert, Mark provides education and training on regulatory compliance topics, while providing tools and valuable insight into areas which could be considered high risk. Mr. Burnside has worked on projects for both community and national institutions as well as facilitating training and oversight processes from risk assessments to compliance management systems. Mr. Burnside is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is also a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM).


Mark Dever, AAP, CAMS is a Vice President and Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Prior to joining the firm in 1996, Mr. Dever was Vice President and Manager of cash management operations for a multi-billion dollar regional bank holding company with several affiliates. He has extensive experience in many areas including the automated clearing house (ACH), domestic wire transfer, affiliate bank post-acquisition conversions and consolidations, bank operation centralizations, and payment system risk. He teaches a variety of Forvis Mazars seminars including the ACH Processing and Compliance, and the Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act seminars. He has lectured at regional and national seminars, and at graduate schools of banking hosted by various bank associations and national industry groups. He has served on the faculty of both the OTS’ Compliance I School, and the FDIC’s Advanced Consumer Protection School. He has also taught undergraduate business and management classes in a community college setting. Mr. Dever is an Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP), and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).


Leah M. Hamilton, JD, is a Vice President and Senior Consultant with Forvis Mazars Education Division. She has a broad range of expertise in federal regulatory compliance. With nearly 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, her compliance knowledge spans Lending, Deposits, BSA/AML and Compliance Management. Leah is nationally recognized for her practical compliance advice and her engaging approach to teaching regulatory compliance matters with her quick wit, sense of humor and examples, making compli- ance an enjoyable educational experience. Where compliance is every employee’s responsibility every day, she provides tools and valuable insight to effectively understand and manage compliance. As a compliance expert, Leah has served as a lead advisor on consent order remediation engagements and management responses to examiner concerns. She is often called upon to assist in potential RESPA Section 8, UDAAP and Overdraft matters. Leah has trained more than 1,000 lenders on TRID and served as a TRID and 2018 HMDA expert for the American Bankers Association. Prior to joining the firm, Leah has served as the Chief Compliance Officer for a $4 billion community bank, a start-up mortgage company and, most notably, for TriComply, Temenos’ compliance division. Additionally, she has served as inhouse counsel and worked for several leading banking software firms. Leah received her Juris Doctorate from Northern Illinois University College of Law and her Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree from the University of Texas at Dallas where she majored in law and minored in business management. Leah also serves as a faculty member of Southern Methodist University’s SW Graduate School of Banking in Dallas where she teaches Compliance 101, Fair Lending and the Mortgage Loan Process.


Teri Laudano is a Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Laudano served in the banking industry in the St. Louis Metropolitan and Lincoln County areas since 1982. She has nearly 30 years as a bank officer and manager of centralized loan administration departments with experience training consumer and commercial compliance, banking laws and regulations. As a Senior Consultant, Ms. Laudano presents Forvis Mazars seminars and provides consulting services on regulatory compliance topics with emphasis on lending operations.


David Luken is a Vice President and Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Prior to joining the firm in 1992, Mr. Luken was senior vice president and general counsel for a billion dollar metropolitan bank holding company. While at Forvis Mazars he has served on the faculty of the FDIC’s Advanced Consumer Protection School, Bank Operations and Compliance School and the OTS Compliance School. He has also served on the faculties of banking schools conducted by the New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas bankers associations. Mr. Luken conducts over 100 seminars a year in the areas of lending and deposit compliance, Bank Secrecy Act, internet banking, information security and privacy law.


Natalie Straus, CRCM is a Vice President and Senior Consultant at Forvis Mazars. Ms. Straus provides consulting services in compliance with an emphasis on deposit operations and issues. Additionally, she performs consumer compliance and fair lending reviews as well as HMDA data integrity reviews for clients of varying degrees of size and complexity. She also presents seminars on various regulatory compliance topics for in-house and association sponsored programs and schools. Ms. Straus is a graduate of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and the American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, DC. She is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager.


Forvis Mazars Training Topics

We can bring these seminar topics or other topics to you. Forvis Mazars has provided training to financial institutions, industry organizations, and regulatory agencies on a wide variety of topics. Call 800-523-4778, ext. 237.

Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance

This one-day seminar highlights the increased federal expectations for BSA. Customer/Member Due Diligence is the focus in this, the 50th Year of BSA compliance, with the major emphasis being on Suspicious Activity Reporting. The latest guidelines on account management, ongoing monitoring, and due diligence expectations for Money Services Businesses (MSB), Third-Party Payment Processors (TPPP), Marijuana Related Enterprises (MRE), and other “High-Risk” Clients are highlighted, while the ever increasing issue of “de-risking”/client “re-evaluation” is discussed. Institutional risk assessments and the latest guidance on high-risk products and services, trafficking of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, convertible virtual currencies, cyber events and cyber-related crime, e-mail compromise fraud schemes, human trafficking and human smuggling, elder and vulnerable adult exploitation, and disaster-related fraud are reviewed.

ACH Processing & Compliance

This one-day program reviews all aspects of ACH Processing including: NACHA Rules Changes, Self-Audit Procedures, Green Book Processing, Process- ing Risks, and Regulatory Impacts. This seminar provides attendees with the opportunity to network with other professionals interested in ACH process- ing and compliance.

Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Two-Day Compliance School

This two-day school covers in detail the issues and opportunities in the ever-expanding environment of the Bank Secrecy Act, in this, its 50th year, and reviews the entire realm of BSA from “A” to “Z”. From decades old Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) and various record-keeping requirements, to institutional risk assessment, customer/member due diligence (CDD), and suspicious activity reporting, students from the novice appointee to the tenured BSA professional will find the discussions and interactions to be of great value.

Deposit Documentation

What is the difference between “joint with rights of survivorship” and “tenants in common”? What is a revocable living trust and how do we document it? Do we really need a corporate resolution? How do we open accounts for minors? Have you or someone at your institution asked these questions and others like them? If so, don’t miss this one-day seminar. The focus is on the day the account is opened. It provides hard to get state law requirements for ownership and documentation. Attendees learn the “why” behind standard operating procedures. The program also covers CIP procedures and IRS Reporting compliance issues.

Mortgage Lending – Start to Finish

This one-day seminar will cover disclosure requirements for mortgage loans secured by real estate, including the Integrated Mortgage Disclosure requirements (TRID rules), as well as review the other determinations that an institution is required to make for mortgage loans. The seminar will bring together the requirements under various lending-related regulations necessary to ensure compliance for closed-end, consumer purpose real estate and dwelling-secured loans.

TRID Compliance: Facing the Challenges

In this one-day seminar, we will briefly review the TRID rules and focus on real world scenarios and examples that institutions face when actually trying to complete the loan estimate and closing disclosure forms, manage the process, monitor/audit results, and provide meaningful management reporting. We will take a deep dive into the challenges of TRID compliance, examiner hot buttons, and more!

Mastering HMDA

HMDA one-day seminar provides a comprehensive discussion of the regulation and explanations of common errors and violations and re- views the continuing changes that have occurred. Throughout the presentation, the instructor discusses guidance published by the regulators and questions received from Forvis Mazars advisory service. The seminar provides the attendee the opportunity to get practical answers to their recurring questions.

Advertising Compliance Boot Camp with Workshop

A one-day seminar providing a comprehensive review of the advertising rules for lending and deposits. Financial institutions continue to struggle with advertising regulatory requirements, particularly when the competition seems to “get away with not complying.” This one-day seminar reviews the ins and outs of the advertisement compliance rules as well as what is not in the regulations that should be considered to avoid costly products or risk. The program will dive into Regulation DD, Z, UDAP/UDAAP, CAN SPAM, COPPA, FCRA, NDIPs, RESPA and more. We will also explore business considerations that could create costly products or present higher risk, including potential UDAP/UDAAP risk.

Compliance Risk Management Program

A one-day seminar providing a comprehensive look at building and maintaining a Compliance Risk Management Program (CRMP). Already have a CRMP in place? This seminar will cover more than the core compliance management program; it will guide you to take your program to the next level. For all, this seminar will show how to efficiently maintain your CRMP.

Compliance Officer Boot Camp

Compliance touches every aspect of banking – from product and service development, delivery, maintenance, servicing, and cessation. Yet, there is little training or orientation to what is involved in being a Compliance Officer, Manager, Specialist or Analyst. This three-day seminar will provide comprehensive insight on what you should be doing and how to do it to be an effective Compliance Officer. Combining lecture, written materials, breakout sessions and mini workshops, the Compliance Officer Boot Camp is a must whether you are new to compliance or have been moving through the motions of compliance for years.

Loan Product Workshop

This seminar approaches lending compliance from the perspective of the product – the way financial institutions organize their services– rather than the regulation, and will provide an overview of the origination and servicing obligations that are specific to certain products. For example, if an institution has an ARM loan, what specific disclosures with respect to an ARM are required? How will we see adjustable rates disclosed on the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure? What are the Ability-to-Repay requirements?

Lending Compliance Update

This program gives you current information and explains the practical implications of changes and how they affect your institution’s policies, procedures, training needs and focus. The topics will change as regulations and supervisory guidance are released and finalized by the federal regulatory agencies. The focus will always be on the most current changes and those with the greatest impact on community financial institutions.

Real Estate Lending Compliance School

This program is designed to offer the attendee instruction on all the topics that affect consumer mortgages. This seminar is structured to address “Fair Lending” related topics followed by focusing on disclosures and contract provisions of the major consumer protection topics such as Regulation Z, RESPA and others. This program is a must for those entering the “regulatory compliance world” or those responsible for “pre” closing file preparation or “post” closing file review.

How to Ensure Compliance with Deposit Regulations

This program provides a simple and effective way to ensure key personnel are up-to-date on current federal deposit regulations. The major federal regulations governing deposits are explained in plain, easy-to-understand language. Walk away from the seminar knowing exactly what your institution needs to do to achieve total compliance.

Fair Lending: Detect, Monitor & Exam

Today’s fair lending environment continues to be subject to heightened scrutiny. Join this seminar as we explore the fair lending rules, how to detect potential issues, monitor for exceptions, and prepping for the fair lending exam. We will also incorporate mini-workshop examples to test your knowledge in advertisements, loan files, exception files and more!

Fundamentals of Open-End Credit

This comprehensive seminar will review in depth the open-end requirements and issues under various laws (e.g., What is the “outstanding principal balance” for flood insurance determinations?), but focusing on the Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z. We will discuss the compliance rules applicable for all lines of credit, including unsecured lines of credits and credit cards, but will spend much of the day reviewing HELOCs. The manual will provide detailed analysis of the rules and serves as a valuable reference tool.

Privacy, Security & Fraud: How to Protect Your Customer

Safeguarding customers and their financial information is no easy task. Every day it seems as if companies are hacked, customers are duped, and employees are careless. Fraud and financial exploitation, especially of vulnerable and older adults, has grown in number and complexity over the past few years. Financial institutions can be at the center of these concerns. Not only must institutions comply with laws when providing information to others, it must also be able to protect, as much as it can, customers’ personal information from others. Also, employees at institutions are also one of the first ones to be able to suspect when a customer is being exploited, especially the elderly. This program is designed to equip financial institutions with the information they need to be able to protect its customers as well as itself.

TILA: Understanding Critical Calculations

The Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z requires creditors to explain the cost and terms of credit to consumers for consumer loans. Although this seems like a simple concept, the rules have always been exceedingly complex and confusing. Employees rely heavily on software – too heavily sometimes because software is only as good as we are. Garbage in, garbage out! There are many times when disclosures are clearly incorrect, yet we may not understand the fundamental concepts enough to recognize the mistakes. It is crucially important that employees be familiar with the ideas and definitions behind the calculations, as well as the calculations themselves, in order to be able to understand the disclosures, explain them to consumers, and determine whether disclosures “look” correct.

TRID Fundamentals with Workshop

A full two-day seminar and workshop wading through the details of the Loan Estimate (LE) and Closing Disclosure (CD). This session will not only go through the requirements of the LE and CD, you will actually get hands on experience in completing both forms. Additionally, we will cover timing requirements, “good faith”, the tolerance buckets, including which typical fees go where and when and which tolerance bucket, and the latest updates. All this in plain English — designed for the front line disclosure desk, loan officers, and processors as well as compliance and audit staff to ensure your LE and CDs are on track!

Compliance with Appraisal Regulations

Obtaining and reviewing appraisals or evaluations are a crucial part of the lending process. This seminar will focus on the Federal agencies’ Appraisal Regulations, as supplemented by the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, which provide a core set of requirements which establish institutions’ appraisal programs and when institutions are required to obtain appraisals. Although safety and soundness provide the foundation of institutions’ appraisal requirements, compliance regulations may also apply under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act/Regulation B and the Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z. Financial institutions must ensure that they are complying with all applicable rules, which can be contradictory.

Compliance for Commercial Loans

Commercial, business, and agricultural loans always present unique compliance concerns for financial institutions. Given that commercial loans tend to be negotiated and specific to each transaction, the process and the terms tend to vary widely, certainly much more than consumer transactions. Commercial loan officers also tend to equate compliance with consumer loans, which can result in overlooking compliance issues that apply to them. In addition, loans that qualify for CRA consideration are often commercial loans; Loans to insiders (Reg O). This seminar will provide in-depth analysis and discussion regarding the compliance regulations that apply to commercial loans and the common issues and pitfalls that occur as a result.

Life Cycle of a Deposit

Life Cycle of a Deposit Account provides a simple and effective way to ensure key personnel are up-to-date on current federal regulations. The major federal regulations governing deposits are explained in plain, easy-to-understand language as we walk through the life cycle of a deposit account – from Product Development to Account Opening to Maintaining/Servicing to Closing the account. This session is packed with key considerations, required disclosure requirements, consumer vs. commercial deposit account compliance (and which regulations apply to which), federal benefit garnishment requirements, nuances, challenges and more. Whether you are new, looking for a refresher, or want to hear the latest examiner hot topics, this session covers it!

Other Topics Available:

  • Lending Regulations
  • Deposit Regulations
  • Deposit Hot Topics
  • Let’s Talk Overdrafts
  • Regulation E Error Resolution: The Math Behind the Error
  • eDisclosures: Are You Really Compliant?
  • Compliance Risk Management: What is the State of Your CRMP?
  • Advertising and Social Media
  • Website ADA Compliance
  • Disaster Response
  • FDCPA: Coming Soon to Your Collection Practices
  • Serving our Servicemembers: Update
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Truth-in-Lending Act/Regulation Z
  • TRID Fee Bucket Challenge
  • TRID and Construction Loan Challenges
  • Let’s Talk Escrows
  • Commercial Lending Compliance
  • What’s Fair About Fair Lending?
  • Lending Hot Topics
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Updates
  • BSA/AML Hot Topics
  • Elder Financial Exploitation
  • Beneficial Ownership and Customer Due Diligence
  • Fair Lending
  • CRA
  • IRA Basics
  • IRA Advanced
  • And more!



What our attendees are saying…

“In 20+ years of banking I have attended many training seminars and this seminar and the presenter were by far one of the best seminars.”
St. Louis, MO / May 2019

“Best presentation yet – and I have been to many!”
Oklahoma City, OK / February 2019

“Mastering HMDA is a comprehensive, hands-on, interactive submersion in the where, why and how to of making your way through the maze of data fields. The speaker engages you throughout the process and has the experience in other compliance issues to further enhance your knowledge.”
Oklahoma City, OK / February 2019

“The best Compliance training I have received in years!”
Cincinnati, OH / March 2019

“I really enjoyed the program and instructor. The topic(s) can be dull but the instructor engaged me throughout the program and made it enjoyable. Great learning experience.”
Syracuse, NY / May 2019

“The most valuable part of a compliance seminar is real world application.”
Lafayette, LA / April 2019

“The most valuable part of the program was the experience of the trainer and her ability to explain the materials. Using real examples and completing the worksheets.”
Burlington, MA / February 2019

“Was the best BSA seminar I’ve been to in over 20 years of banking. The speaker kept our interest and gave good examples. His format was excellent. Information was very useful.”
Clark, NJ / April 2019

“I have been attending Forvis Mazars seminars for over 20 years. I cannot think of a thing you can do to improve your training sessions. You know how to do it and you do it superbly!”
San Jose, CA / February 2019

“Forvis Mazars seminars are always the most comprehensive source of information and interpretive guidance on various bank compliance issues and regulations.”
Bloomington, IL / April 2019