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Technology decisions are paramount in that they drive organizations to remain current in their data management systems, require adherence to contract timelines and capital improvement budgets, and employ safeguards for cybersecurity. Financial institutions rely completely on the use of technology, which is constantly evolving creating both opportunities and risks for organizations. It is imperative that your technology decisions align with your organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Core processing must be dependable and operate within the framework established by regulatory agencies.

In-house or outsourced core processing? What is the right decision for your institution? ProBank Austin’s Operations and Technology consultants can provide assistance as you consider this important strategic decision and vendor selection. We can assist you in evaluating new processing platforms or renewing existing service contracts. Our proven process for vendor evaluation considers bank strategy and objectives, as well as product and service requirements.

Our Operations and Technology team dedicates considerable attention to reviewing data processing contracts. We advocate for you in negotiating provisions and best pricing for new contracts or contract renewal. Our services are also available to banks involved in mergers or acquisitions.

ProBank Austin publishes Trends in Technology, a bi-monthly blog, to keep clients current and focused on best practices and new developments in the technology space. Trends in Technology topics offer helpful advice on new developments in financial technology, vendor relationships, outsourced vs. in-house processing, digital payment options, online lending, and website compliance.

ProBank Austin’s Operations and Technology Consulting includes:

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