Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

ProBank Austin is often called to provide expert advice and testimony in litigation that involves financial institutions or financial matters. Since our founding in 1978, ProBank Austin has provided litigation support services on a select basis to law firms and litigants throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Our knowledgeable and articulate experts deliver essential support to counsel in litigation involving financial institutions or their management. We are trusted and qualified experts with specialized knowledge to support litigation involving financial institutions or executive management. Our services can include investigations, verifying and organizing facts, or providing testimony at trials.

Experts play a vital role in litigation. In some instances, they can make or break a case. Our professional staff includes former federal regulators, former bankers, CPAs, financial analysts and investment bankers. Our depth of knowledge and experience in corporate governance, industry standards, safety and soundness, IT, loan and deposit operations, BSA, and consumer compliance contributes significantly to understanding the merits of a case. Our experts and their industry knowledge strengthen litigation teams as testifying expert witnesses, or consulting experts.

Traditionally, litigation consulting services include one or more of the following:

References and credentials on ProBank Austin’s Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony Services provided upon request.

Let us put our five decades of experience to work for you.

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