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Human Resources management should be a part of all Strategic Plans. It is a major area of managerial responsibility and a significant corporate investment that requires innovation and proactive approaches to ensure fair treatment for all personnel.

For example, executive compensation has become very complex. Our firm provides wage, salary and incentive compensation reviews for Boards of Directors and executive management. We conduct competitive analyses and provide recommendations for executive compensation packages that address regulatory requirements, industry trends, levels of responsibility and performance. We also help clients develop internal compensation policies and programs that ensure consistency and objectivity.

Performance evaluations for Boards of Directors and for senior management are essential measurement tools designed to improve corporate governance. These evaluations provide a springboard for discussions between important internal and external audiences including management, staff, customers, shareholders and the Board. We conduct performance evaluations through collection of materials and personal interviews that allow us to evaluate for information that may not be readily apparent. Upon completion, we prepare a detailed report with specific recommendations for improving leadership performance and effectiveness. Every year ProBank Austin leads Executive and Board Performance Evaluations utilizing metrics that apply specifically to the financial services industry such as the effectiveness of internal relationships, external relationships, regulatory compliance, profitability, and the realization of short and long-term strategies. ProBank Austin delivers objective opinions and constructive recommendations that align with achieving corporate goals and that connect to competitive compensation packages.

Succession planning is a regulatory requirement for mega-banks that must demonstrate that they have current and potential leadership on board and are prepared for an orderly transition if necessary. ProBank Austin can help financial institutions prepare an internal Succession Plan that focuses on identifying and developing talent, and lining up future leaders to fill key positions.

Human resources impacts every area of a financial institution. ProBank Austin’s Human Resources consulting is ready to share best practices and credible advice on the development and maintenance of personnel policies, job descriptions, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action programs, and regulatory compliance.

ProBank Austin’s Human Resource consulting includes:

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