Essential Lending Compliance

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This manual is a must for those wanting to learn about or review the major provisions in the lending compliance world!

As financial institutions wade through Federal compliance laws and regulations, we consistently come back to certain provisions.  There are a number of rules that apply to many types of transactions or in many circumstances, while others only apply occasionally.

This manual provides an in-depth and concentrated review of the Federal lending rules that are the most common and prevalent, both for consumer and business loans. Given that employees do not have an unlimited amount of time to learn about these rules, it’s important that training cover enough fundamental requirements, especially disclosures, in order for employees to have a better understanding of what they’re supposed to be doing and why they’re doing it.

This manual is for those that are constrained with their time, but still need to review rules and disclosures that are commonly required. It will provide a focused examination of Federal laws and regulations that are central to our daily compliance requirements.


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