Compliance Risk Management Program

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Already have a CRMP in place? This manual will cover more than the core compliance management program; it will guide you to take your program to the next level. For all, this manual will show how to efficiently maintain your CRMP.

Although there are no regulatory requirements to have and maintain a robust CRMP, the regulators expect all financial institutions to have one in place. They have provided some guiding principles, but what does it really include? There are some regulatory requirements for written policies and procedures, many of which small creditors are exempt but should have nonetheless.

This manual will break down the CRMP for you, including what is a policy vs. procedure, monitoring vs. audit, what training is required vs. recommended,
complaint management, risk assessments, and who should be responsible for which (compliance, audit, operations). The volume of regulatory changes requires a strong change management process in your CRMP – and we will review best practices for that, too! Compliance is every employee’s responsibility every day. No one person can (or should) be responsible for the institution’s Compliance Risk Management Program. The lines between compliance, audit and operations seems to blur with each new rule. Join us as we begin to clarify the lines to make your CRMP more manageable.


Compliance Risk Management Program (CRMP)

Breaking down, building up your CRMP