Mastering HMDA


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This manual provides a comprehensive review of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) Regulation C. Whether you are new to HMDA or have been reporting for years, you will receive benefits from this manual’s practical, “real world” approach to HMDA compliance

Learn how HMDA has changed and continues to change! Read in-depth analysis as to the institutions and transactions that are covered – the importance of understanding the definitions, the basic coverage rules (including the changing of the thresholds), and the exemptions; the information required to be collected and recorded; and the processes for reporting and disclosing that data. Also read about the possibility of being exempt from having to report certain data points (the partial exemptions)!

HMDA poses challenges to both novice and experienced reporters. With increased regulatory scrutiny of HMDA data for fair lending purposes and the potential penalties associated with technical errors, it is crucial for an institution’s HMDA data gathering and reporting process to be precise.

This Mastering HMDA manual provides a comprehensive discussion of the regulation and explanations of common errors and violations and reviews the continuing changes that have occurred.


  • Coverage, Exemptions and Key Definitions Associated with HMDA
  • Review Loan-Volume Thresholds
  • “What Information Goes Where” on the Loan Application Register
  • Proper Lobby Notices and Requirements for Making HMDA Data Available to the Public
  • Important Guidance and Other Tools Available from the FFIEC and CFPB
  • Why and How HMDA Data is Used During the Fair Lending Review Process
  • Common Challenges Associated with HMDA, Including, Understanding the Definition of Refinance or Temporary Financing, and the Difference Between the Rate Spread and HOEPA Calculations
  • Clarify Excluded Transactions
  • Clarify Key Terms
  • Clarify Collection of Race and Ethnicity Information
  • Partial Exemptions