Loan Applications What it is, What it isn’t, and What and Institution Has To Do – ON-DEMAND WEBINARS


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Date Recorded: June 28, 2022
Presenter: Anetria Cohen, Vice President and Senior Consultant, ProBank Austin

A two-hour webinar discussing the law, frequently misunderstood concepts, and compliance tips on how to deal with it all.

Whether an institution has received an application for federal lending compliance purposes is incredibly important – once an institution has received one, many compliance obligations are triggered. Although it seems relatively simple, it is anything but. One, the definitions for an “application” under federal lending compliance laws can be different, depending on the circumstances, which causes misunderstandings. Also, the line between an inquiry/prequalification, a preapproval, an application, and a “completed application” can be blurry, with the result that lenders often become confused as to when certain requirements under compliance laws are applicable.

This webinar will delve into the complexities of the initial stages of the application process: the definitions, the initial requirements, and the timing. You’ll learn how laws differ as to the definitions, and the practical importance these definitions may have with respect to your products and processes. We’ll also review certain requirements, and their timing, that are related to the application itself. Throughout the webinar, we’ll see how commercial loan applications may vary from consumer loan applications.



  • The definition of “application” under:
    • ECOA/Regulation B
    • HMDA/Regulation C
    • Truth-in-Lending/RESPA
    • TRID
  • What is a prequalification and how is it different from a preapproval?
  • What is an incomplete application? What is a completed application? What is the significance of the difference?
    • What does this difference mean for HMDA?


  • What is an institution required to do for a prequalification? For a preapproval? For an application?
  • Information allowed or required to be requested with an application
    • GMI/Demographic Information requirements
  • At application disclosures
Who Should Listen

This informative session is necessary for all compliance officers, auditors, loan officers, and loan processors responsible for applications.

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of Lending Regulations

Advanced Preparation: None

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

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