Fairness Opinions

When the Board of a financial institution presents an M&A proposal to its shareholders, an independent, professional opinion is invaluable in validating the Board’s decision and boosting shareholder confidence. Fairness opinions may also be necessary to support other corporate transactions such as stock repurchases, stock issuances, and other capital transactions.

Our team of experts utilize industry-accepted valuation methodologies and analytics to evaluate the fairness of M&A and corporate transactions. ProBank Austin works with legal counsel, independent accountants and other professionals to formulate fairness opinions that support the specific transaction.

With years of industry experience, market knowledge and attention to detail, our fairness opinions provide clients with an independent evaluation of the financial terms of the transaction; evaluation of pricing formulas; reviews and assessments of due diligence reports; and reviews of transaction documentation including definitive agreements and ancillary agreements. Fairness opinions are an integral part of the transaction process and are described and included in proxy statements to solicit shareholder voting.

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