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ProBank Austin offers professional and experienced investment banking guidance. Grow your financial institution the right way with ProBank Austin.

Having a trusted and experienced investment banking advisor is a key component for successful management and growth of your financial institution. At ProBank Austin, you get both. For more than 50-years, we have been representing both buyers and sellers by providing Merger & Acquisition (M&A) advisory services, fairness opinions, strategic alternative assessments, capital planning and private placements, due diligence assistance, and stock valuations.

We understand that challenges are inevitable in any M&A opportunity and it’s sometimes difficult to keep a clear vision when personally invested. Let us be the voice of experience and reason to assist you in creating the right M&A strategy to overcome those challenges, and improve your chances for a successful and profitable transaction.

The ProBank Austin Investment Banking team is highly regarded for its depth of knowledge, level of experience, and impressive track record, consistently ranking nationally among the top M&A advisory firms serving the banking industry.


Our Investment Banking services focus on:

Let us put our five decades of experience to work for you.

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