Due Diligence Reviews

Increasing regulation, compressed earnings, competition, and financial institution failures have presented opportunities for financially-sound, forward-thinking institutions and investor groups to explore new opportunities through mergers and acquisitions and/or purchasing assets or pools of assets. Due diligence is the duty of Boards of Directors and executive management to act prudently and to evaluate risk, whether in a merger or on the buy or sell side of a transaction.

ProBank Austin conducts comprehensive analyses of loan portfolios, as well as, in-depth reviews of investment securities, consumer compliance issues, IT and cybersecurity, operations, management and staffing, compensation and retirement programs.

A financial institution’s assets, or pools of assets, can be evaluated either onsite or offsite utilizing secure technology. ProBank Austin’s confidential research and due diligence reviews can be accomplished seamlessly without disruption to daily operations.

Let us put our five decades of experience to work for you.

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