Managing commercial loan portfolios is a key strategy for improving bank profitability and pricing. Managing risk is one of the most significant challenges facing bankers today. LoanPricingPRO® is a valuable software program developed exclusively by ProBank Austin (formerly Austin Associates) for financial institutions. This modeling system provides a significant advantage to commercial lenders faced with navigating today’s competitive business environment. Our clients value LoanPricingPro® because it gives them the flexibility to price loans in the context of the entire customer relationship.

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LoanPricingPRO® is fast, accurate and easy to use. Lenders have full control over the system’s configuration and 100 percent confidence in the results. As a lender, you can model new or existing relationships, obtain profitability-enhancing recommendations, and present the best, most competitive and comprehensive loan package to customers. Also, when combined with ProBank Austin’s Profitability System, LoanPricingPRO® gives you the greatest understanding of your institution’s financial performance and the ability to compete more aggressively by setting obtainable ROE targets.

Our successful loan modeling system is backed by the professional expertise provided by our Financial Management team. Our team is always available to answer questions or to provide advice on specific commercial loan scenarios and pricing.

LoanPricingPRO® is a comprehensive solution, including:

  • Fast, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use
  • Integrates with Core Loan and Deposit Data
  • Analyzes Risk-Based Pricing
  • Flexible Configuration Choices
  • Consistent Loan Portfolio Information by Product, Customer, and Lender

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What Our Clients Say

“LoanPricingPRO® gives our lenders the flexibility they need to price loans in the context of the entire customer relationship. We could not be happier.”

Raj Mehra, CFO, Middleburg Bank

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