Bradley E. (Brad) Snider

Brad Snider is a Senior Consultant at PBS, joining the firm in 2011.  Mr. Snider has an expansive finance history with expertise in loan origination, underwriting, collection and review.  Through his hands-on banking experience, he has worked with a diverse portfolio of businesses including real estate, manufacturing and small businesses. As Louisville Market Manager during his time at Citizens Union Bank, Mr. Snider was responsible for personnel management, profitability and overall performance of an essential and quickly growing region of the bank.  Mr. Snider also has experience working with the SBA 504 program, during which he developed a strong understanding of how to structure and underwrite deals for approval through the SBA program.  Mr. Snider has also had experience leading a team to achieve maximum organizational performance.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting/Loan Reviews


To contact Brad, call 615-393-8326. Email.

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