Regulatory Assistance & Problem Solving

From time to time problems inevitably arise, whether due to increased competition, management error, or industry change. Our staff has the ability to recognize and deal with potential problems before they become compounded.

We have assisted hundreds of banks and their management in dealing with Cease and Desist Orders, Letter Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, Civil Money Penalties, Administrative Hearings, and Removal Actions instituted by regulatory authorities.

Federally insured financial institutions are among the most highly regulated companies in the United States. Because of the importance of the banking system to the creation and control of money and because financial institutions are public depositories, various state and federal regulatory authorities exercise broad supervisory powers over the industry. In addition, the vast, multi-layered and complex regulatory structures often overlap. Understanding regulatory structure and how it relates to the banking industry has proven to be one of our company’s most valued assets.

Many of our consultants have backgrounds with state or federal regulatory agencies, and we work with regulators on a daily basis. Our consultants, often working with bank attorneys or accountants, comprise a formidable team to provide the best advice in troubled or normal situations.

Professional Bank Services
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