Mergers and Acquisitions

The decision to acquire or sell a financial institution can be the most important decision a Board of Directors will make. The success of any consolidation or expansion decision should be based on a sound business approach to such transactions. While financial considerations are always important, PBS also evaluates management, markets, and philosophies of the institutions involved. PBS is retained by the client bank, holding company, or individuals to serve as broker with respect to the acquisition or sale of depository institutions by means of merger, consolidation, tender offer, or public or private purchase of securities or assets. Since the mid-1980s, PBS has successfully represented over 400 companies or individuals in the acquisition or sale of financial institutions.


Financial institutions and individuals seeking expansion retain PBS to assist in the search for merger and acquisition candidates. Utilizing a business approach to such transactions, PBS assists management in the analysis of an offer and advises on proper structuring of the transaction. Unlike most investment banking firms, PBS provides assistance in the performance of due diligence examinations; determining the quality of the acquired institution’s assets and core business is essential in a successful acquisition.


PBS is often retained to assist in locating buyers for Directors or shareholders seeking the sale of their institution. Utilizing our knowledge and experience in the merger and acquisition area, PBS assists the Board in their consideration of prospective acquisition proposals. PBS provides strategic and financial advice to the Board in an effort to assure that all economic opportunities are explored, and we respond to any inquiries and expressions of interest on behalf of the Board. PBS assists the Board of Directors in the evaluation of offers, negotiations, and other means of assuring maximization of shareholder value.

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