Fidelity Bond, D&O and Professional Liability Issues

In the best and the worst of times, negligent and fraudulent activities occur. When financial institutions experience such problems, claims are filed with fidelity, D&O, and professional liability insurers.  In some cases, financial institutions may need assistance in developing and organizing information and documentation for law enforcement and financial institution regulatory agencies.

Our consultants have considerable experience in such matters; many are former examiners who were “trouble shooters” for their agencies. Several compiled bond claims when employed by the FDIC and were involved in the examination of many seriously troubled banks. Others have worked with the FBI, the Federal Strike Force, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the investigation of questionable and fraudulent transactions in addition, their familiarity with industry standards and the duties and responsibilities of Directors and officers is an asset in the litigation that is often required to settle insurance claims.  We now are being called to assist in failed bank litigation initiated by the FDIC against banks that failed during the recent recession.

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