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Recorded: November 9, 2021

Presenter: Natalie Straus, CRCM, Vice President and Senior Consultant, FORVIS

A ninety-minute webinar that will help us identify high-risk deposit practices and implement procedures to ensure compliance with UDAAP.

This webinar discussion of UDAAP and deposit compliance regulations will help you build the knowledge that you need to help mitigate the risks associated with our deposit activities. We will break down “unfair,” “deceptive” and “abusive” and identify the deposit products and activities that could potentially implicate your institution. We will address specific risk areas and best practices to help you confidently manage your UDAAP policy as it relates to deposit operations.


  • UDAAP definitions and requirements
  • Suggested features of a successful UDAAP program
  • Deposit activities that expose us to UDAAP risk, including:
    • Advertising;
    • Overdraft programs;
    • Account disclosures; and
    • Account features.
  • Best practices to handle those risks
  • Complaint program suggestions
Who Should Listen

This webinar is designed for anyone with responsibilities related to compliance, the establishment of policies and procedures, as well as deposit operations.

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisite/Advanced Preparation: Basic Knowledge of UDAAP/Deposit Regulations

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

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