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Date Recorded: January 13, 2022

Presenter: Anetria Cohen, Vice President and Senior Consultant, FORVIS

A two-hour webinar focusing on HMDA’s data collection requirements and the possibility of partial exemptions.

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (as implemented in Regulation C) requires certain institutions to collect and report information regarding transactions to the federal government. Depending on the transaction and whether the institution qualifies for exemptions, institutions may have to report a substantial amount of information – also called “data points.”

This webinar will discuss the data points: what the rules and commentary say, how procedures are crucial when the rule is vague or unclear, and how an institution will code the Loan/Application Register. We’ll focus more on the complicated data points, while quickly covering data points that are more straightforward.

The materials will refer to and include the Filing Instructions Guide, which is critical in understanding how to report the data, as well as the reference chart, and will include a number of informal, sample checklists and charts that may be helpful to participants. We’ll review some common questions institutions have while coding the LAR.

This webinar will also review the partial exemptions – when institutions may qualify for them and which data points are exempted.


  • All of the data points, including:
    • ULI
    • Loan purpose
    • Construction method
    • Type of action taken
    • Property location
    • Rate spread
    • Credit score
    • Total loan costs and points and fees
    • Origination charges
    • Lender credits
    • Debt-to-income ratio
    • Loan-to-value ratio
    • Amortization and maturity
    • Type of introductory rates
    • Contractual features
  • Review of the filing instruction guide and reference chart
  • The partial exemptions
  • Agency statements on S.2155
Who Should Listen

This webinar is designed for all HMDA reporters. Appropriate staff to attend would include loan officers (including commercial loan officers), compliance officers, loan processors, loan administration, loan review and internal audit personnel.

Program Level: Basic

Prerequisite/Advanced Preparation: Basic Knowledge of Lending Regulations

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

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