Completing The ACH Audit – ON-DEMAND WEBINARS


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Recorded: July 23, 2021

Presented by: Mr. Mark Dever, VP and Senior Consultant, FORVIS

A two-hour webinar to update members of the operations and audit communities on the proper completion of the required 2021 ACH Audit. The NACHA Rules require all participating depository financial institutions (as well as any Third-Party Service Provider, and any Third-Party sender that has agreed with a participating depository financial institution to process entries) to complete an audit of their compliance with the NACHA Rules on an annual basis. This webinar will review the 2021 focal points of the ACH Audit, as well as review the impacts coming from both the federal ACH Exam, and the federal BSA exam.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • General ACH Audit Requrements;
  • RDFI Audit Focus Points;
  • ODFI Audit Focus Points;
  • Highlights from the federal ACH Audit;
  • ACH impacts from the federal BSA Audit; and
  • Allow questions from participants.

With 27+ Billion ACH Entries, and $62+ Trillion in value being processed every year through the ACH Network, compliance with the NACHA Rules is critically important to ensure the uninterrupted flow of these Entries. This two-hour webinar from FORVIS will provide the operations and audit staffs with a “snapshot” of the 2021 ACH audit requirements.

Who Should Listen

This webinar will be of most value to members of the operations and audit communities, as it will assist them in meeting their annual ACH audit requirements. The webinar will also be helpful to compliance managers and members of the risk management team, and for anyone responsible for performing the independent testing for compliance with the ACH Rules.

​Program Level: Basic

Prerequisite/Advanced Preparation: Basic Knowledge of ACH Rules

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

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