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 The Fair Lending: Detect, Monitor & Exam manual provides a comprehensive review of fair lending laws, rules, regulations and examination procedures. Today’s fair lending practices continue to be subject to heightened scrutiny by both federal and state regulators. Non-compliance with fair lending laws can lead to enforcement actions from your regulators, HUD and/or the DOJ. Additionally, violations could have a significant impact to your strategic, financial, operations, legal, compliance and reputational risk.

The manual provides an overview of the laws impacting Fair Lending, including ECOA, HMDA, FHA, FCRA, CRA and UDAP/UDAAP and the types of discrimination. The manual covers knowing your Reasonably Expected Market Area (REMA), fair lending consequences, and assessing and monitoring fair lending risk.


This manual is an excellent resource to not only review the fair lending rules, but how to detect potential issues, monitor for exceptions, and prepare for the fair lending exam.