Data Processing Systems Analysis & Implementation

PBS provides services with the assistance of the election of systems and service providers that includes: Visiting with the appropriate committee within the financial institutions to 1) determine the project timeline; 2) identify strategic initiatives of the financial institution that should be considered when looking at future system feature/functionality requirements; 3) review the “Request for Proposal” (RFP) draft prepared by PBS to be submitted to service providers under consideration; 4) determine the service providers to which RFPs are to be sent; and 5) obtain volume figures to be included in the RFP. PBS prepares a vendor analysis comparison documentation that includes an “apples to apples” comparison of Pricing; Financials; Service Provider SSAEs; Contracts; Hardware/Software Standards; Service Level Standards; and  Service Provider Problem Tracking Reports. PBS assists the financial institution in negotiating the most favorable pricing and contract terms and meets with the appropriate committee to review the vendor analysis comparison documentation. Once a final decision is made, and the financial institution signs a contract with the vendor of choice, PBS completes the project by reviewing the vendor’s conversion plan and submitting a list of any conversion planning action items that the institution should perform that are not listed on the vendor conversion plan.

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