LoanReviewPRO is a secure, technology-infused solution designed to help protect one of your most valuable assets – the loan portfolio. Our LoanReviewPRO services bring you the comfort of decades of loan review experience and a secure, cloud-based technology solution to make managing credits risks more efficient than ever.

The cloud-based solution used in our LoanReviewPRO services reduces the tedious, manual efforts normally experienced by internal staff, while providing a real-time view of portfolio performance, exception reporting, and rating changes. Throughout the process, ProBank’s loan review experts provide strategic guidance with real-time updates available to selected users at your institution.

Traditionally, loan review has been an inefficient process for credit teams, as inadequate information flow, clunky exception clearing, and the timing of risk rating changes have been handled through a variety of manual processes. Additionally, minimal insight into the “big picture” has made it difficult to actionable strategies for minimizing risk to the portfolio and institution.

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LoanReviewPro Access for Institution Masters

Within a financial institution, one or more staff members can receive the Institution Master designation. In this video, Institution Masters will learn the process for adding new users to the bank system, how to manage user permissions, and more.







How to Access LoanReviewPro Reports

In this video, users will learn how to access a variety of reports and information within the Reporting Portal, including the process for viewing reports within the system that are being completed.







How to Access LoanReviewPro Portal

Learn step-by-step the process for how to access the LoanReviewPRO portal, powered by IntelliCredit.








LoanReviewPro Tracking & Clearing Exceptions

There are three types of exceptions tracked, in real-time, within the Exceptions Portal, including Legal Doc Exceptions, Credit Exceptions, and Loan Policy Exceptions. This video explains the loan review process for tracking and clearing exceptions.

Our loan review system is a cost-effective risk management solution designed by credit risk and regulatory specialists to ensure financial institutions are prepared, proactive, and properly mitigating risks in the portfolio. We have the resources and capabilities to conduct reviews onsite, or offsite, via secure remote network connections to ensure each project is handled discreetly and without interruption to daily bank operations. Each review is risk-based and tailored to your specific needs, concentrations, Board requirements and regulatory expectations.

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