Investment Banking, Corporate Structure, and Planning

Founded in 1978, Professional Bank Services, Inc. (PBS), has experienced the most dramatic decades of change in the financial industry since the Great Depression. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, restructuring of the financial industry has accelerated with sufficient force to carry it well into the next century. The reasons are simple. First, deregulation and competition have provided the tools and the impetus for restructuring. Second, many financial institutions have found with deregulation they could become more competitive by gaining either market share or strategic positioning through acquisition. Finally, changes in the financial markets themselves, enhanced information technology, securitization, and significant financial institution failures have provided immense opportunities. Accordingly, the need for merger, acquisition, investment banking, and strategic planning advice has increased dramatically.

As the financial industry becomes more competitive, it is essential that each institution develop an orderly expansion program.

Whether this expansion is as simple as branching or as complex as a merger, we have a proven plan for accomplishing your goal.

We help you make sound decisions.

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Investment Banking, Corporate Structure, and Planning services include:

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