Director Education

PBS has been a pioneer and advocate of programs specifically designed for directors. Today’s financial institution director is held to high and exacting standards by stockholders, regulators, employees, and customers. Continuing professional education for the director is a practical mandate. Without it, it is impossible to stay abreast of the industry. PBS conducts numerous programs for director groups as well as individual boards.

Popular topics include:

  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Principles of Fair Lending
  • Compliance/Regulatory Developments
  • Basics of Corporate Governance
    • The Basic Role of Boards of Financial Institutions
    • Significant Legal and Regulatory Issues for the Board
    • The Board’s Role in the Regulatory Process
    • The Board’s Vital Role in Lending
    • Understanding Bank Financial Statements and Asset/Liability Management


For more information, please contact Mr. Vincent Van Nevel, Managing Director, at 800-523-4778, Option 8, via e-mail or fax 502-451-6755.

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