The expertise to provide practical advice and investment banking services which will assist in achieving a financial institution’s corporate objectives. Our consultants work closely with the board of directors and management to identify solutions and implement strategies that focus on areas representing the foremost opportunities.

Services Include:

  • Acquisition Assistance
  • Capital Planning
  • De Novo Charters
  • ESOP Appraisal
  • Holding Company Formations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Purchase or Sale Strategies
  • Purchase and Assumption Applications
  • Investment Banking, Corporate Structure, and Planning
  • Branching
  • Common Stock Appraisal
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Market Analysis
  • New Bank Charter
  • Stock Redemption
  • Thrift Stock Conversions

For more information, please contact Mr. Christopher Hargrove, Chairman and CEO, at 800-523-4778, Option 8, via e-mail or fax 502-451-6755.

Professional Bank Services
(800) 523-4778