bankED Online Compliance Training: 5 Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: How many courses do I have access to?
A: As a member, you have unlimited access to our growing library of compliance course modules.

Q2: Does Membership include access to new content?
A: Yes. Our library is continuously updated with new content developed by Professional Bank Services, Inc.’s knowledgeable professionals.

Q3: How is this different from the compliance training program I’m already doing?
A: With bankED, you’ll receive training from industry leader Professional Bank Services, Inc. Sign-up now and see how easy it is to keep vital compliance issues at the forefront of creating the desired Culture of Compliance within your organization.

Q4: Do I need to have a Learning Management System (LMS)?
A: No. You do not need special software.

Q5: How do I get started?
A: We recommend you attend one of our webinar-based information sessions. Once you become a member, we provide instant access and a free, facilitated on-boarding session to help you manage an effective compliance training program. Membership includes unlimited, ongoing support with no additional fees or charges, as well as a designated ProBank Associate to assist you.