The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently released their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) exam schedule for the 3rd quarter of 2019. Whether your institution is on the exam schedule or not, it is important to keep up-to-date regarding knowledge of your assessment area. Below are useful resources for information regarding state, county, census tracts, and cities.

1. The FFIEC census data website allows users to view reports targeting Demographic, Income, Population and Housing.

In general, most of the information needed for reference is listed in the Demographic report as follows:

By Census Tract (By MSA):

  • Demographic
    • Tract Income Level
    • Distressed Tracts
    • Median Family Income
    • Population Minority Population & Percentage
    • Number of owner-occupied units
    • Number of 1-4 Family units

A MSA report provides information from every census tract located in the chosen metropolitan statistical area. Reports can also be developed by county, depending on how your assessment areas is defined.

2. Another resource for reference is the American FactFinder website. This site uses census data to generate detailed reports and heat maps. Because of its flexibility, it allows for more targeted community information. pages/index.xhtml

3. Many state websites will have a link to access specific geographic data. For example, it might include a list of the largest employers by county, how many people they employ, expected employment growth for the company, etc. Keep in mind, although many state websites have information available, the user might have to search to find it.

4. Counties or cities will often have their own website as well, with information regarding employment, employees, etc. When available, these sites can be a good reference for identifying potential Community Reinvestment opportunities or community leaders and organizations that may assist in identifying community needs.

5. Another aspect of CRA is comparing your institution to others in your market or assessment area. The following FDIC link provides a report generation tool that will list FDIC insured financial institutions in an identified market, as well as market share, number of offices located inside the identified MSA, etc. This allows for identification and comparison against other similarly situated institutions in a defined geography. https://www.fdic. gov/bank/statistical/guide/ reportsanalysis.html

6. The FFIEC CRA webpage provides several helpful links:

  • General CRA information links (e.g., Interagency Q&A, Guide to CRA Data Collec- tion and Reporting, etc,)
  • – CRA exam schedules for FDIC, OCC and FRB as well as asset size thresholds, exam procedures, and more.
  • aratings/default.aspx – Abil- ity to search for recent CRA ratings by various factors (e.g., bank name, location, exam period, asset size, etc.)

As a final consideration, review your most recent CRA examination report. In general, the examiner that conducted the review will include references to the information source(s) that were used in their analysis (e.g., census, county website, etc.).


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