ProBank Austin brought the expectation for full CECL compliance down to the community bank level in this complimentary one-hour webinar, CECL Simplified, presented by Managing Directors Vince Van Nevel and Jeff Morris. This webinar provided workable solutions for community banks on compliance issues that align with the complex new accounting requirements, and that fit the resources and capabilities of most any bank.

Today, most information on CECL examiines the high-level requirements of CECL including implementation timelines, loan pool segmentation, data collection requirements, loss estimation methods, and the incremental impact of qualitative factors.

Our webinar was designed for C-level financial executives and senior management teams directly involved in the preparation of institutional compliance and, specifically, increased requirements for CECL guidelines. ProBank’s CECL webinar delivered real-world examples of end-to-end CECL implementation using actual bank data including:

  • Identification of loan and investment pools tracked by the CECL “system.”
  • Examples of a fully-populated database for identified loan pools.
  • Calculations for the “reasonable range of loss expectation” under each of the following loss estimation methodologies.
  • Reviewed how management’s judgement determines the actual level of loss recognized given the output of the various methods of estimation above including:
    • Historical ALLL incurred losses, as a baseline;
    • Loss migration;
    • Vintage analysis; and
    • Probability of default/loss given default.
  • Examined how economic forecasts may be used to further adjust loss estimates as qualitative adjustment factors.

Webinar presenters, Vince Van Nevel and Jeff Morris, each possess over 30-years of experience in consulting with financial institutions on profitability, funds management, risk management, and safety and soundness issues.