Hyatt Regency, 350 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio

ProBank Austin Managing Directors Jeff Morris and Vince Van Nevel are addressing the Ohio Bankers League’s 2017 Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 9, at 11 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency, Columbus. The theme of this year’s conference is “Creating a Winning Culture.” Their professional development presentation is entitled “**CECL** **Simplified. All of the Method. None of the Madness**.” They will provide information on understanding expectations for full CECL compliance at the community bank level, and offer workable solutions for compliance based on the complex new accounting requirements that fit the resources and capabilities of most any bank. Their presentation will include an example of end-to-end CECL implementation using actual bank data.

They will discuss loan pool segmentation techniques and demonstrate several advanced loss estimation methodologies applied to a fully-populated database for actual loan pools; provide calculations for “reasonable range of loss expectation” under each loss estimation methodology; and review how management judgment is used to determine the actual level of loss recognized and how economic forecasts may be used to further adjust loss estimates as qualitative adjustment factors. They will also suggest recommendations for building up the CECL data warehouse to support the loss estimation process.

ProBank Austin is also co-hosting the Executive Networking Bankers Reception for conference guests on Wednesday, November 8, at the Hyatt Regency.