Maintaining current technology is one of the most critical challenges that management teams must face. Technology provides the foundation for financial institutions to achieve goals and objectives. It is imperative that management teams keep abreast of current trends and industry-related concerns. ProBank Austin sponsored a complimentary webinar, Top Technology Concerns for Community Banks, on Friday, September 8. Our webinar was hosted by industry experts, Darla J. Brogan and Stephen D. Heckard, Senior Technology Consultants at ProBank Austin.

Together, they provided information on what’s trending today in technology for financial institutions. They emphasized the value of making the right decision for your community bank in areas that include:

-Fintech – A brief overview on the status quo.

-Cyber Security – An update on the hottest topic in technology.

-Outsourced Services – Core processing and beyond.

-Branch Transformation – How emerging technologies are affecting branches.

-Vendor Management – A discussion on best practices and future regulations.

Darla and Steve have over 75 years of combined experience in financial services technology. They work with community banking clients from around the country helping them with operational improvements, auditing and assessments, and problem solving as well as vendor selection and contract negotiation.

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