The merger of Austin Associates, LCC and Professional Bank Services, Inc. to form ProBank Austin in January 2017 creates the 5th ranked bank M&A advisory firm in the nation. ProBank Austin’s investment banking group will be co-managed by Chris Hargrove, Craig Mancinotti, and Rick Maroney, each with more than 30 years of experience in community bank M&A transaction work. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, ProBank Austin ranks 5th nationally among bank M&A advisory firms since 2005 with 111 whole bank deals (see link below).

Craig Mancinotti and Rick Maroney, both Managing Directors of ProBank Austin, are speaking at Bank Director’s 23rd annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference in Phoenix, January 29-31. This marks the 18th consecutive year of their involvement at the industry’s leading M&A and strategy conference. They are speaking on “M&A Case Studies for Thinly-Traded and Public Companies.” In addition, they are leading a group discussion on “Stock Valuation and Liquidity.” The M&A Case Studies presentation will be posted to this site following the conference.

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