Jeff Morris, Managing Director and Principal of Austin’s Profitability Analysis practice area, spoke at the 2016 CFO Exchange Conference sponsored by the American Bankers Association on September 19 – 21, 2016, in Charleston, S.C. Jeff’s presentation was on “**The Seven Secrets of Consistently High-Performing Community Banks**.” Consistently high-performing banks share key traits. Operating efficiency plays a critical role in becoming a high-performing institution. Jeff discussed the traits that solidify a bank’s long term performance capability in providing consistent high value to shareholders, directors, customers, and employees. This is the ABA’s 12th year for this conference that is designed for Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Vice Presidents of Finance at banks of $10 billion or less in assets. To view the ABA CFO Conference presentation, see the link below.

ABA 2016 CFO Exchange Conference Presentation