I recently was the victim of credit card fraud.

Or, should I say the very large bank that issued the card was the victim. Once I discovered the fraudulent activity, I knew I would not be responsible for the transaction. But what I didn’t know was how long it would take to fully resolve the problem. The fraudulent transaction was a cash advance at a Chicago bank. The card was cancelled immediately. The replacement was delivered the next morning. I could immediately transact business again and make the card issuer more money! Life goes on.

Why am I unhappy? The transaction was reversed immediately, but the resolution hangover lasted for months. Tedious phone calls to the bank took forever as I explained my situation over and over to Tier 1 customer support employees who seemed lost and had no answers. After four aggravating months trying to get resolution over interest charges and transaction fees that should have been reversed, I considered that it wasn’t worth my time pursuing this problem. I am sure calls like mine happen all too frequently.

It occurred to me that I’ve had similar conversations with my bank clients who have shared with me their experiences with their core vendors. I could relate to their level of aggravation and head-banging. They were frustrated with the time it took to resolve something that should have been easily accomplished. They told me that sometimes they reached a point where they just dropped pursuing resolution of an issue and lived with it. After all, there are only so many hours in the day to beat your head against the wall. That’s a terrible conclusion to a problem.

Has this happened at your bank? Have you given up pursuing issues because the process was just too aggravating? Stay strong and keep up the fight. Accountability needs to begin in the trenches even with the simplest issue. And, there is no better place to begin than with customer support. Elevate issues when the response isn’t acceptable or timely. Don’t let the system defeat you. I urge you to become that squeaky wheel. Poor ratings on customer satisfaction surveys are too late to point out service deficiencies. Speak up and voice your disapproval immediately. I promise you that I will do the same if I can just find someone to speak with at the large bank that issued my credit card.