Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning

For the first time ever, total outstanding commercial & industrial loans exceed total 1-4 family first lien loans, and stand at a record $1.842 trillion as of December 31, 2015. Total 1-4 family first lien loans stood at $1.836 trillion. If this was a horse race, C&I loans won by a nose! However, there may be a storm just over the horizon.

Many years ago when I lived in Chicago working for the OCC, I was certified to sail 30 foot sailboats on Lake Michigan. That is when I first heard of the rhyming weather rules of thumb, the other being “red sky at night, sailors delight.” The “on the water” portion of the certification was primarily spent learning how to depart from and return to the dock without destroying the boat. They wanted to know we could captain the ship safely and that we knew what we were doing; their version of risk management.

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